Replacement Air Filters

Our Air Filters is the choice of champions.
Ensure a higher air flow than original paper filters.

Highest Quality

This guarantees a high level of filtering efficiency and a limited loss of air pressure. The oil used gives the material its “sticky” adhesive characteristic which aids in the retention of air impurities without compromising or blocking air flow penetration. This also creates a continuous filtering process.

Ecological & Economical

The air filter can be washed with a special detergent then re-oiled, thereby saving the cost of changing the air filter each time the vehicle is serviced and thus reducing environmental waste.

Rigorous Testing

Ensuring a higher quality in respect to paper, foam and plastic materials.It carries out filtration tests in accordance with the international standards for filtering (ISO 5011). Our Air Filters have a 98.5% filtering efficiency in respect to this standard.

Car Filters

Our cotton filters minimize the loss of air flow pressure passing through the air filter.

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